Thursday, July 1, 2010

4 ways to fix the iPhone 4 antenna issue

If you have been keeping track of news the iPhone 4 release, then you are well aware of the iphone 4 antenna issue.

Heres a youtube video of the demostration of the iphone 4 antenna reception issue.

Now heres 4 ways to fix that iPhone 4 antenna issue:

1. Get the new Apple bumper iPhone at
Made of durable rubber and molded plastic, the two-tone iPhone 4 Bumper fits snugly around the edges of your iPhone 4 and gives it a splash of color. My feel, yucky.
Cost: $29.99 USD

2. Get the iPhone wrap at
Made of 3M vinyl skins that wrap around the perimeter of the device to provide a shield from the "death grip" while ensuring zero interference with docks, charger and other accessories. My feel, more stylish, cleaner and slimer.
Cost: $9.99 USD

3. Fix it on your own with a tape

4. Wait for a iOS4.0.1 from Apple
Quote from:
"Reception issues observed by new iPhone 4 owners, derided as the "Death Grip" by bloggers, appears to actually be a software issue that an iOS update is expected to resolve early next week...."

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