Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MAC OS X keyboard shortcut reference

Speed up your productivity with keyboard shortcuts. Heres my collection of useful keyboard shortcut for MAC. Of course its not a comprehensive list of shortcuts as its only meant to summarize those that are used more often. For a more complete list, you can find it from Dan at

General Essentials Keystrokes
cmd+q = quit
cmd+o = open file
cmd+c = copy selection
cmd+v = paste selection
cmd+i = get info (on current selected object/file/dir)
cmd+n = new window/document
cmd+s = save
cmd+m = minimize
cmd+h = hide app
cmd+opt+h = hide OTHER apps

To switch between apps
opt+cmd+click on running app icon = hide all other apps
opt+cmd+click on running app window = hide all other apps

To control your mac
cmd+opt+eject = sleep
cmd+ctrl+eject = graceful restart
cmd+opt+ctrl+eject = graceful shutdown

Dock related
cmd+opt+d = hide/show dock

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