Saturday, February 11, 2012

iPhone Unlock Only Limited To These Baseband

Software (and hardware) unlocks

Ultrasn0w unlocks the following basebands (and ONLY these basebands)

iPhone 3G and 3GS: 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, and 06.15.00

iPhone4: 01.59.00 (Gevey sim will unlock basebands 2.10.xx, 3.10.xx and 4.10.XX, but not 4.11.xx)

iPhone 4S: none *

*Back in November, 2011, MuscleNerd mentioned that a software unlock for the iPhone 4S on firmware 5.0 with baseband 1.0.11 (and only this baseband was mentioned) "might" be possible. No guarantee and no ETA. 

Unless your phone has one of the listed basebands, it CANNOT be software or hardware unlocked and there are no further software unlocks anticipated at this time (except as mentioned for 1.0.11)
There has not been a suitable exploit on which to build an unlock for almost 2 years, 7 basebands have been released which have not been exploitable for a software unlock.

Except for some very old 3G iPhones, basebands cannot be downgraded !
Downgrading the firmware does not downgrade the baseband !

If you require an unlock to use an iPhone, instead of leaving the phone sitting for months and months, consider selling it and buying a Factory Unlocked iPhone or buy one with the above basebands which can be software or hardware unlocked.
If you own an iPhone that cannot be unlocked, the longer you keep it, the older it gets and the less it is worth on re-sale market.
So, keeping it lying around in some faint hope of a software unlock breakthrough is not a logical choice. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

iOS5 is coming....

iOS 5 will be unveiled alongside iCloud and OS X 10.7 Lion.

Heres some possible changes that we may see in iOS5..
  • Better Notifications. According to TechCrunch, Apple is planning on rolling out a “completely revamped” notifications system in iOS 5. Many users, my colleague Kevin C. Tofel included, find the current implementation of iOS notifications to be clunky and annoying. A change in the way those work is a likely target for Apple, since it’s one of the more obvious areas where small changes could represent a big improvement in the way the OS works as a whole.
  • Widgets. At the same time as it reported new notifications were in the works, TechCrunch also said widgets were planned for iOS 5. No details regarding how they might work were included in the report, but they could look like Apple’s Dashboard widgets for OS X, which provide live updating information at a glance without having to be opened. Android features home screen widgets that work in much the same way, providing at-a-glance weather information, for example.
  • Nuance Voice Recognition Tech. Makers of Dragonsoft Naturally Speaking and voice recognition technology leader Nuance has been rumored to be in discussions with Apple regarding the licensed use of its tech in Apple products. One reported use of the tech is in iOS 5, where it will supposedly be available for developer use via API. This is probably the least definite feature on this list, but if true, it would make speech-based apps that much more powerful on iOS devices.
  • Media Stream and Photo Stream. Evidence for new integrated device-wide streaming galleries and media libraries has been found in iOS code, indicating that we might see the features introduced in iOS 5. These could tie in to iCloud, the other big product being unveiled at WWDC.

Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Upgrade iPhone from iOS4 or iOS4.01 to iOS4.1

If you need to upgrade from iOS4 or iOS4.01 to iOS4.1, here are the steps you may wanna follow.

Pwnage tool will be out soon

1. Install PKGBackup. This will help you to backup Cydia Apps.
2. Install SB Organizer. This in combination with PKGBackup will save your Springboard layout.
3. Run PkgBackup to do a backup of your Cydia Apps.
4. Open iTunes, right click your iPhone under devices and select "backup". This will backup your iPhone
5. (Optional) If you do not want to upgrade your baseband, you can use TinyUmbrella in combination with iTunes to restore to 4.1
6. Go on to upgrade to iOS4.1
7. Do a iTunes sync
8. Download, install and Run limera1n
9. Install PkgBackup to restore back your jailbroken apps.

Jailbreak your iPod Touch 4G with limera1n

Here is how to jailbreak your iPod Touch 4G with limera1n. This method is not supported on MAC yet.

What you need:
  • Windows PC
  • If you are using MAC, you need to bootcamp with any windows version (XP, Vista, 7)
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • iPod dock connector
  • A lot of patience... :)
The Steps:
  1. Please backup your iPod JUST IN CASE!
  2. Plug your iPod Touch 4G into Windows.
  3. Download limera1n from:
  4. Follow the steps (It's just "click" and "DFU Mode")
  5. Wait till you see the limera1n logo on your iPod Touch 4G.
  6. After that, your iPod Touch 4g will automatically shut down.
  7. Move back to your Mac, and plug your iPod Touch 4G.
  8. Unlock your device (slide to unlock), and turn your Wi-Fi on.
  9. Open limera1n app., and tap on Cydia.
  10. It will install Cydia.
  11. After all is done, reboot!
Congratz!! You are done! :)

Some Reviews:
The jailbreak doesn't lag AT ALL. Previously, I was using iPod Touch 1G and so I am telling you, this is a huge significance.
Battery Consumption: Still testing out
Jailbreak Apps: Still testing out

Limera1n 4.1 problems

If after jailbreaking using Limera1n and you cannot see all your system files anymore via ssh/putty or a phone disk software or iFile, you can try this solution.

Try installing afc2add from Cydia.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Should You Stay Away From LimeRa1n?

LimeRa1n has just been released. If you have been following the major iPhone hackers on Twitter you will probably got a good feel of what to expect from LimeRa1n: a buggy and untested jailbreak.

So really, the question is: should you use LimeRa1n? Should you put your iPhone in jeopardy? Or should you wait for GreenPois0n or PwnageTool? [Read More]

The Truth About Limera1n vs Greenpois0n

Heres something interesting. Someone just compiled a list of twitter exchanges between the CDev team

@iH8sn0w not really. last year we gave him greenpois0n and told him how exploit worked, and he turned and made blackra1n very soon after.
about 12 hours ago via Tweetie for Mac in reply to iH8sn0w

@iH8sn0w (when we gave him greenpois0n we didn't know he'd make his own program, it was given to him to help improve it)
about 12 hours ago via Tweetie for Mac in reply to iH8sn0w


**** geohot.
about 7 hours ago via Tweetie for Mac

**** you too, @geohot.
about 7 hours ago via web

**** everything about that worthless scrawny lump of pure ****. Go get your ******* jailbreak kids. I don't even care. limera1n

geohot is using an unstable untether very much against the wishes of @comex @iphone_dev and @chronicdevteam
about 6 hours ago via web
Retweeted by chpwn and 100+ others

wow, geohot steals our untethered exploit just so he can release first.... talk about #*******

When you can't jailbreak your iPhone 5, iPad 2, or iPod touch 5G, remember that it's all thanks to @geohot.
about 6 hours ago via Tweetie for Mac

RT @chronicdevteam: use limera1n at your own risk. it has been untested and geohot screwed over @comex who trusted him to wait.
about 6 hours ago via Tweetie for Mac


*sigh*... To those who don't know. Geohot stole @comex's exploit + implementation to make it untethered. :(

RT @notcom: DON'T use limera1n. It is likely to mess up your device since it uses a BETA version of the untether (stolen) from @comex
about 6 hours ago via Tweetie for Mac

still in shock....
about 5 hours ago via web

And Finally Comex gives in


Fine, geohot's release now has my approval, because otherwise everyone would use the initial (pulled) broken version. Ugh.
about 6 hours ago via web

Geohot is just a thief, the proof is there look on twitter.