Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to improve your Mac experience with useful window management techniques

As a hardcore Windows user, I enjoy being able to use shortcut keys to cycle through the applications I'm working on with minimum use of the mouse. The mouse is indeed a very great invention that improves interactivity between humans and machines. But still, nothing beats the use of shortcut keys. When combined you will vastly improve your efficiency and productivity greatly.

Being a first time Mac user, experimenting with the Mac that I bought for my wife has been a painful process. I feel so handicapped having to rely on the mouse most of the time, trying desperately to remember the Mac hotkeys that I had learnt. I can no longer double click on the Title bar to maximize/restore my window. Pointing the mouse to the "+" takes 1-2 seconds more than I would to maximize/restore on Windows.

Rearranging your working windows on your screen is a nightmare as well. I don't understand why we can only use the lower left-hand corner of the window for resizing. Windows is so much less restrictive. You can resize with any edge. Moreover, on Windows 7, you simply drag the window to the edge of your screen to arrange 2 windows neatly side by side, which in my view, short and sweet.

This calls for me to research on why there are still Mac lovers out there who insisted that Mac is definitely more user friendly than Windows. I found the Exposé feature on Max OS X which is something that you cannot find on Windows. Usually, fanciful stuffs are not 100% useful. The only reason they exist is to satisfy the emotional appetite of humans. But the Exposé feature is different. Its fanciful and yet useful at the same time. This will definitely be on my top useful list for a perfect Mac experience.

Heres a tutorial video that shows what I'm talking about...

To conclude, this still doesn't address my expectations to arrange my working window side by side in a fast and efficient manner. My search will continue. If you have any tips, please share in the comments. Thanks.

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