Friday, August 13, 2010

FaceTime on iPhone Activation Cost

Apple Facetime allows you to do video call over WIFI. Actually this is no new technology. 3G video calls has already been around for quite sometime.

To turn on FaceTime, go to Settings > Phone > FaceTime > ON

However, please take note that you may be charged for a fee to activate FaceTime everytime you turn on FaceTime. Hence its recommended you leave FaceTime on after initial activation.

Singtel Charges
FaceTime activation SMS charge of $0.18/SMS will be waived for a limited period. Roaming charges apply if the activation is done while roaming overseas. 

StarHub Charges
FaceTime activation SMS charge of $0.15/SMS

M1 Charges
Anyone knows the activation fee for M1? Leave me a comment. ;)


Anonymous said...

how about the msg "waiting for activation" what does it mean?? i ddnt do any request so im a little confused about this msg...

Anonymous said...

Facetime will be automatically activated upon unbricking of the iPhone 4. A global SMS will be sent to Apple to register the customer's mobile number on their server. (Global SMS charges will be waived by SingTel & will not be reflected in customer's bills)

Anonymous said...

Name: TryingOutFaceTime

Hi, I had off & on the FaceTime for around 2 to 3 times. Now I leave it 'On'. I didn't know about the charges. So you guys were saying, M1 (mine) would charge a fee for each activation? Would they deduct from SMS instead?

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