Sunday, August 22, 2010

Essential Accessories for iPhone

With the release of iPhone4, the iPhone craze is getting hotter than ever. So after you have got your precious iPhone, what kind of matching accessories should you be looking for?

First on the list is the casing. I personally recommends ZAGG InvisibleShield which provides total body protection against scratches with lifetime warranty replacement on a 0.2mm thin film. If you prefer the typical casing, theres a lot on Amazon that you can check out.

Next you will need is to invest in a screen protectors. Better be safe than sorry. You wouldn't want irritating scratches to be appearing on your retina display. Some casing already comes with free screen protectors. If you buy ZAGG invisible shield, you already have a screen protector. If not, check out Amazon for a few.

Often, 1 data cable from Apple is not enough to satisfy our iPhone lust. You will be so addicted to the millions of applications out there that you will be using your phone more often of the time. Hence its crucial to have your iPhone charged up wherever possible.

If you are driving a car, you will need a iPhone 4 car kit. If you realised, using iPhone as a navigational device is often limited by the amount of battery life. Some recommendations from Amazon are

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