Monday, July 5, 2010

There is no iPod Touch 3G for ...

I just sold away my new iPod Touch 8GB which I got from Apple Back To School promotion.

During the sales process, theres quite a few number of people asking me if its the iPod Touch 3G version.

Heres where the confusion lies. The iPod Touch 3G is only available on the 32GB or 64GB version. 8GB version if iPod Touch is only released up to 2G. You can find more information on the different models of iPod Touch released in Wikipedia.

Though there is no iPod Touch 3G for the 8GB version, it will come with the new iOS 4 software as well. However, multitasking and on some models homescreen was disabled for the second generation iPod Touch because Apple thought the iPod was too slow for these features.

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